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Jul 05 2010


There’s a lot of things I should be doing, blogging sort of falling towards the bottom of that list rather quickly. However, whenever I update I end up with a lot of spam comments to moderate and frankly, it’s been a lot easier to just post on If you DO care to read about…

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Jun 14 2010

First Day of School: Failure?

Today was the first day that I got the chance to teach. I had my teacher voice, my teacher outfit, my lesson plan, and an activity to make math concepts more visual to students. My objective? Students will be able to do subtraction with regrouping (not across a zero). On the diagnostic, only one child…

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Jun 08 2010

Soggy Dixie Cup

So the blog title is kind of a lie at the moment — I’m actually in Atlanta, just about to head to bed after the second day of Institute. For all my non-TFA friends, the best way to describe it has been a teacher-boot camp. I’ve woken up each morning to see the moon still…

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Jun 02 2010

Placement. Check.

One of the things I was most nervous about was my placement and when it would happen. It didn’t take too long – I got an offer today at a relatively new elementary school right after the hiring fair. There will be a strong contingent of other corps members coming with me which is really…

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May 27 2010

Graduation, Next Step: Nashville

I graduated last week. It was lovely, but I didn’t feel elated or excited. It mostly felt surreal because I felt awful. Once the ceremonies were all over, my body just decided it was time to let go and go ahead and be sick. I didn’t get a chance to wish many of my friends…

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May 05 2010

Nashville on my mind

Nashville. Not that I had to show it to my friends on a map, but it’s mostly been this theoretical place where people like country music and stars like Nicole Kidman and Miley Cyrus feel like normal people. I can’t imagine anything feeling less like normal than what the people there are going through. While…

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Apr 28 2010

If I’m in the library, I must be working…right?

It’s the last week of classes and concentration, motivation, and stamina are about as hard to find as a camel in Missouri…oh wait, we had that yesterday…To take a page out of the book of a teacher I observed this week, it’s time for a “brain break”. I wasn’t able to make it down to…

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Last week, I found myself getting out of bed at a time rarely seen by college students except before crashing into bed after an all nighter: 6 am. I’ve yet to pull an all-nighter in college (knock on wood – I still have three or so more weeks to go before I’m completely finished). Rather…

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Apr 06 2010

Praxis and potential placement

March Praxis scores came out today – not only did I pass, I did so with flying colors! What a relief. I’d spent the last few weeks wondering if I’d made a mistake not registering for the April date. I did slightly better on Elementary than Middle School Content Knowledge, but regardless, I’m good to…

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Mar 16 2010

Nashville, New Orleans, and Next Steps

I’d been excited about my spring break plans for a while, to head down with the organization I lead on an Alternative Spring Break to New Orleans, but a few days before I left a friend pointed out we’d be hitting Nashville around lunchtime. Having not been to Nashville yet, the thought of getting to…

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Feb 03 2010

I keep telling myself it’s nerves

I had lunch today with a friend who’s in the process of applying for Teach for America and is preparing for his final interview next week. I know there are certain things I can’t tell him, but I do remember all the help I received from friends as I was going through the process a…

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Jan 23 2010

Northerner in Nashville – An introduction

When I received my email two days ago from Teach for America welcoming me to the 2010 Nashville corps, all my friends were ecstatic knowing that I’ve been interested in Teach for America for a long time now. I’ve been told for years that I reminded people of their elementary school teachers so it came…

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