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Closing the Teach For America Blogging Gap
Aug 28 2011


I’d heard that Apple was encouraging people to donate their first generation iPads to Teach For America, but it barely registered on my radar. As a second year corps member, I figured any goodies would be given to the newbies.

But lo and behold, look what landed in my inbox this week from our TFA*Nashville Operations Director:

“What could an iPad do for your classroom and your students? Well, we’re asking you to help us answer this question. Because of an extraordinarily generous initiative from Apple, you’ll soon be receiving a first generation iPad for your classroom. Apple and its customers have donated iPads through a campaign that has featured Teach For America and our corps members in Apple stores across the country.”

To recap: When Apple announced the iPad was coming while I was in college, I’m pretty sure I remember laughing out loud at how ridiculous it was. I had no idea how or why anyone would use this product or want to. When my college roommates dad had one that he brought out on a visit, I tried my darndest not ogle the strange contraption.

So here’s my dilemma. While not a complete luddite, my knowledge of what the iPad could do in my classroom is limited. Having cultivated a number of tech-savvy friends over the years and my own proclivity for falling for enginerds, I know I know people who can give me ideas on how to best utilize this technology. If you’ve got one, shoot me an e-mail or leave a comment.

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  1. You can get an expert to help with that one! Hope you’ll enter the “Why is teaching important?” contest…

  2. My district got them for my students and I, and to be honest I haven’t found a use for mine that wasn’t already done better by my regular computer. They’ve been useful to the students, though, because it’s basically a more affordable version of 1:1 laptops.

  3. aea107

    i don’t know what grade you teach, but i am teaching pre-k and i’m super excited to use mine. there are ALL kinds of apps you can download and you can use the iPad as its own center once the proper behavior for it is modeled. you can also use it to play videos or music (and if you get 3g you can bypass your school’s network restrictions and go on youtube or any other site) and i am going to use mine for taking anecdotal records, as well. it’s really awesome!!!

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