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Aug 24 2011

And it’s begun…

Last year, I was overwhelmed by the number of kids initially in my room (27) and the number of kids that left and arrived over the course of the year.

I’ve already had my first student leave and it breaks my heart. The school was simply too far away for the family. He left unceremoniously on Thursday last week and I cleaned out his desk this morning.

Today was a grudge day — kids would not stop talking, not taking consequences well, copier broken, copier fixed, copier out of toner. In essence, the usual added with an unusual level of tired. When I checked my email at the end of the day, I had this waiting for me in my inbox.

Hi Ms. Astronaut: This is [Sarah], [Jon's] mom just writting to thank you for the help you gave him during the days he was at [your school]. He really enjoyed being with you as a teacher. You are the first teacher that he have had that called to introduce yourself and being so helpfull.

Thank you I really appreciate how you make him feel at class. God bless you for your great work.!!!!

Frown? Turned upside down. Here’s to hopefully a trend of similar sentiments!

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