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Mar 07 2011

Spring Break Fever

I had to double check the date when I saw I hadn’t posted in almost 6 weeks – has it really been that long? In some ways, this quarter has felt like it has dragged on forever. In many other ways, I feel like I’m still scrambling to get things in my life in order. We have a little over a week left of school (since the district decided to convert professional development and spring break days into school days) and I don’t want to think about school anymore. Spring break is so close I can almost taste it.

Since you can’t actually taste it, I’ll just have to be content with the tour de food I’ve been undertaking this weekend. Many moons ago I mentioned wanting to have more of a social life and people ask me all the time how I like things about Nashville. Well, here’s an attempt to share.

On Saturday, a group of us went to Sparkles Cupcake Company, courtesy of Ms. D. You would think that as an elementary school teacher I would be sick of cupcakes. Every time a student has a birthday, I seem to end up with a large sugary confection that resembles a cupcake once you reduce the frosting. And not even just my students — sometimes it’s students from other 4th grades, sometimes it’s 5th graders from around the corner, and sometimes I don’t recognize the child handing me the cupcake at all.

Am I sick of cupcakes? No. Which is probably why cupcake shops are sprouting up all around the country and even have their own television shows.

Today, my roommates and I went to partake in some Mardi Gras festivities at Belle Meade Plantation. A pale comparison to the real Mardi Gras and FREEZING, but enjoyable nonetheless. It’s amazing how excited the small children around me got by the flying plastic beads. I did manage to get the little girl beside me to cheer for the milk truck — I do love getting kids to drink “white milk”. After the parade, we went on a tour of the mansion and tried some of the wines that they make. It was definitely one of the more uniquely Nashville things that I’ve done.

I’ve got a backlog of other things I’ve meant to write up, but I meant it when I said the last few weeks have been crazy. While there have been some high points in that time, there have also been some big lows, and it’s just been emotionally draining. I’ve discovered that when I take me time, I’m happier and thus the students are happier as well. But when I take me time, I feel guilty about it or think about all the work I could be doing, and then I don’t enjoy myself as much. Problem? Very much so.

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