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Oct 10 2010

Getting an Ejuckashun

Even though I hope my kids are learning from me, I’m amazed at the number of things that I learn from them on a daily basis. Things as mundane as their favorite colors, songs, and dances, to the truly saddening such as an already jaded perspective on life and how things are. Should nine and ten years olds really know about that? Whatever happened to the idea of childhood?

Despite the overwhelming waves of sadness I feel at some of my students offhand comments, I find myself alternating between laughing out loud and crying on the inside while I go over mounds and mounds of papers that need to be graded.

Some highlights from the different things I have to grade this weekend:

From the Language Arts section of our Friday quiz

–Directions: Write two sentences that are fact, two sentences that are opinion.
Response (from one of my girls who got really upset that her teacher crush, Mr. J, shared the same name as the example in a previous question which asked fact/opinion “Mr. Jones has two sons and one daughter”)
Mr. J don’t have children. You can’t prove that Mr. J has children. Mr. J is a teacher. Is he cute or not.

From an assignment on writing declarative, interrogative, imperative, and exclamatory sentences
–Is moisturizing a good thing? (from a quiet boy)
–Shut your mouth
– W.keeps messing with me. W is in trouble for messing with me now.

From the district writing test
-Directions: You wake up as an adult. Write about what you do

– have a child by the age of 25
–get a GED and spend 8 years in college
– get an ejuckashon
– have children and then get married
– play for the Lakers. play for the Heat. Play for the Lakers
–buy a manshun
–Go get some Jordans

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